MPN: 90-400048-600B
Over 1000 lanes installed and many over 12 years old! Designed and manufactured in the USA to resist twisting and splitting and offers more surface tension than any other urethane rod cover on the market. Special elastomer formula gives the durability of urethane but has the same coefficient of friction as rubber. Easy installation and will last for years of service life.
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    EBNs Blue lift rod cover I would say is the best on the marked today. I have heard talk about that it might be the oils causing the rod cover to "swell and blow out" but I like the oils I use and lane conditions are great so I needed to search for a better rod cover. I just feel the typical gum rubber from other companies does not last like it used to regardless of the reasons, I have several lanes with EBNs Blue cover and there are ZERO signs of swelling or wear with them for over a year (I also have HD lift rod springs on these lanes that add more pressure) Initial cost might be a little steep but as cover needs to be replaced, im not putting on anything else. It will for sure outlast other covers and will for sure offset that initial cost. Experience is 26 yrs on A/2s, BRC Trained and school Randy Aiello, Delta Bowl, Antioch Ca.
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